The Three Manors

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The Three Manors Empty The Three Manors

Post by Emerald on Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:12 am

(ground lay out picture)

-link to Liberté-
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(small history fluff)
It started with one Manor.
The Manor was a place where Masters and slaves could live together and find the partner they wanted to be with in a comfortable environment. As time passed, the ownership of the Manor shifted between a group of people, and the latest owner had plans for the Manor that would alter the way it was run and how the residents would live.
When conflict between the old ways and the new plans raised, two more Manors were built and the original was temporarily abandoned.
Liberete was made as an escape for the Manor's residents, where they (David get your ass in here and make your Manor history fluff up D< ).
The Bound Manor was created as the new Master/slave Manor, where rules were much more strict and residents would live following the concepts of BDSM as a lifestyle and not just as a fetish or kink.
Eventually the original owner of the Manor returned and revived the Manor as a middle ground, where residents could enjoy a light version of the lifestyle as well as fetishes and kinks.
These are the three manors that stand today, separated yet together to keep balance.

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