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Post by Ceili Inain Vendali on Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:03 am

So this is the skype log chat between David and I regarding the potion to allow Scarpetta to have a child, Leon proposing to Scarpetta and the revival of Leon's first wife and Scar's best friend Lillian. I hope you all enjoy this. Sorry it is so long.

Night: Scarpetta I just got contacted from my research friend. It is ready whenever you make the decision
[4:00:09 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: R-Really?
[4:01:42 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: Kinda forcing my hand no Brother.
[4:02:02 AM] Night Zalkova: now*
[4:03:08 AM] Amaya: Scar: Dear, this is still my decision to make. You can't blame your brother for anything. But it's really ready?
[4:06:33 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: Not what I meant Love.
[10/26/2011 7:46:32 PM] Amaya: Leon: *reaches into his pocket running his finger over the metal object* Scarpetta I have an important question to ask you.
[4:11:49 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: What is it Leon?
[4:12:47 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: *knells backing out an old diamond ring* Will you do me the honor of being my wife?
[4:14:00 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: *looks at Leon in shock and then at the diamond ring* Lily.....Oh Leon....*wraps her arms around his neck crying slightly, with a grin lighting up her face* Yes....Yes Leon, I'll marry you. Oh my god.....
[4:15:28 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: *smiles embracing her back before taking the ring and slipping it onto her finger before kissing her* You made me a happy man Love.
[4:16:10 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: *kisses Leon back* You make me a happy woman every day Leon.
[4:16:28 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: *looks over his shoulder as a ghostly figure who has a bittersweet smile on its face*
[4:17:27 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Lily.....Thank you.....
[4:18:28 AM] Night Zalkova: Lilian: You better take care of my precious muse Scarpetta. Or I may come back from the grave *laughs lightly*
[4:20:02 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Like you already have Lily? *laughs a bit* And don't you worry Lily, I'll take good care of Leon, no matter what. He will make a great father and husband.
[4:20:57 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: I meant in a phyical body and I know he will.
[4:22:30 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: *laughs* I know, I know Lily. I won't force anything he doesn't want onto him. So don't you worry your little ghostly head about it.
[4:22:36 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: Looks like you are going to have your hands full my brother
[10/26/2011 7:46:44 PM] Amaya: [Wednesday, October 26, 2011 4:24 AM] Night Zalkova:

<<< Night: Lillian I do have to apologize I couldn't find a to bring you back before he fell in love again.
[10/26/2011 7:47:10 PM] Amaya: picture]
[4:26:24 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: Wait you found a way to revive me in a phyical body?
[4:26:56 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: What's this I hear about reviving Lily?
[4:27:01 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: Yes it will take a lot of energy to pull it off but i did find a way when I was researching for Miss Vendali
[4:27:33 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Wait, bringing back Lily and the Vendalis? Night, you have been busy.
[4:28:27 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: Well with Cara being busy herself and forbidding me from taking on any missions I have had a lot of spare time on my hands
[4:28:49 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Ever the helpful men of the Zalkova family.
[4:29:06 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: Though 2D will be taking care of the Vendali's so leave Lillian to me.
[4:29:18 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: Why do you think I fell for Leon like I did.
[4:29:31 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: *stunned*
[4:29:42 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Other than the fact that he is a good looking man?
[4:30:00 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: *giggles* That too
[4:31:01 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: I know you too well Lily. But wow, this is going to be one amazing reunion. That's all I can say. Leon and I can have Lillian back, Ami and Ceili will get Lazuli and Emilio back.
[4:31:59 AM] Night Zalkova: Zane: *looks at the book Night had been researching* Hmm that spell huh? Well shall we get get started then Night?
[4:32:36 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: Zane you don't have to help me. But it will leave me a bit less drained once it is said in done.
[4:32:56 AM] Night Zalkova: Zane: Not to meantion I am the magic caster of the family
[4:33:32 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: I keep forgetting the three of you also have this habit of appearing unannounced sometimes.....
[4:33:52 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: A talent of ours
[4:34:28 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Try not to do it when I do decide to have this kid kay? I don't need to be having heart attacks while pregnant.
[4:35:00 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: Scarpetta you are a succubus. Your heart will be fine.
[4:35:29 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: ......It was a joke Night. *sighs*
[4:36:20 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: Sorry.. *goes to drawing the magic circle being carful with each stroke* Zane you remember the incantation yes?
[4:36:35 AM] Night Zalkova: Zane: *nods*
[4:37:00 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: Did I bloody miss something?
[4:37:43 AM] Amaya: Scar: *laughs* Other than the fact that your brothers are going to bring back Lily? Not really. That and your brother is also horrible at catching onto my jokes
[4:38:25 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: Night isn't the joking type I'm afraid. Wait Lily back?
[4:38:36 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Yes~
[4:38:57 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: And you are alright with this?
[4:39:06 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: It's Lily.
[4:40:25 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: Lillian if you please stand in the circle. *after she is in place he nods as Zane and begins speaking in angelic tongue the incantation as he and Zane place theirs hands on the edge of the circle*
[4:42:48 AM] Night Zalkova: *A pillar of light shots forth from the circle envloping's Lillian spectual form slowly but surely her body becomes soild*
[4:44:37 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: *watches in awe as Lillian becomes a physical being again*
[4:47:11 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: L..Lily.. *still in shock that his brothers brought her back*
[4:48:12 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Lillian.....It is so nice to have you back with us in the world of the living.
[4:48:43 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: *runs over and hugs them both*
[4:49:47 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Lily~ *hugs her back with a grin*
[4:51:30 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: My precious Lily. My sweetest sin... *holds her closer*
[4:52:21 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: *slumps slightly before getting up and helping Zane to his feet* Looks like Leon will have his hands full. Let's get going. *leaves with Zane*
[4:52:38 AM] Amaya: Scar: Bye boys~
[4:52:47 AM] Night Zalkova: Night: *waves*
[4:55:27 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: It has been too long since you have been with us Lily. Too long
[5:08:36 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: *crying lightly*
[10/26/2011 7:47:27 PM] Amaya: Scarpetta: What's wrong Lily?
[5:35:36 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: I finally get to be with my muse again and you my dear friend.
[5:36:07 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: *notices a bottle sitting* Night must have left it. Wait isn't that the same potion he gave Cara?
[5:36:38 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: -goes over to the bottle and picks it up- I do believe it is.
[5:37:00 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: What potion is that?
[5:37:27 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Well Night gave his own fiance a potion to make her immortal. I believe he left the same potion for you Lily
[5:38:03 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: So we won't lose you again.
[5:38:27 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: *debates it over in her head before taking the bottle and drinking its contents*
[5:44:32 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Now we won't have to lose you again Lil~
[6:49:39 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: Death will not separate us again. Though this is a bit awkward now since I just proposed to Scarpetta
[12:19:20 PM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Leon, I think you are the only one who thinks this is awkward. I think it is a perfect timing. We have Lily back and you have your two favorite girls together again. What's so awkward about it?
[12:10:32 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: Won't the two of you be jealous of eachother?
[12:11:43 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Me? Jealous of Lily? Never. If anything, this works out very nicely for me
[12:12:40 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: How so?
[12:13:40 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: -looks away blushing a bit- I might have had a huge crush on since we met....
[12:14:26 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: I had no idea *blushing lightly covering her mouth* I never even considered being with a woman...
[12:14:39 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: *sits there confused*
[12:15:10 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Awww~ Leon is confused~ It is so cute
[12:17:11 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: It seems to simple
[12:17:16 AM] Night Zalkova: too*
[12:17:28 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: You don't know me as well as you though Leon
[12:18:24 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: Lily seems to be okay with the idea too...
[12:19:19 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: Leon my love I am just happy to be alive and with you once more. If I have to share it is a something I am willing to do
[12:20:43 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: Though there is still the problem with who is first and who is second.
[12:21:19 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: Atleast that is how i think this kind of situation goes.
[12:21:47 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: -giggles- What do you mean first and second? Do you mean first and second wife?
[12:22:07 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: *nods*
[12:22:51 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Dearest Lily. You are forever his first and original wife. No matter what. Time will not change that, but in this relationship, there is no first and second, it is just all love for everyone
[12:29:04 AM] Night Zalkova: Lillian: I see
[12:57:53 AM] Amaya: Scarpetta: Now is everything better for you love?
[1:07:00 AM] Night Zalkova: Leon: It will take awhile to get used to
[1:07:24 AM] Amaya: Scar: I imagine
[1:07:55 AM] Amaya: Scar: But we have eternity

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