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Re: Rein

Post by Emerald on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:12 pm

That's fine Ama. Thanks for letting me know in advance.
I also wanted everyone to know that Chris is job hunting major, so Rein is going to be cropping up less with random shit. Most of the random shit is probably going to be happening in Empire anyways, with only 20% of the happenings affecting the Manor at all (thank the Johns for damage control). If anyone challenges Rein, however, I will let Chris know so you're not just kinda stuck while he's busy. And if you need help finding things, like some sort of online 2 player game that can simulate whatever your challenging Rein to, (you can always rp it out as well, the simulator games are only a suggestion to make it more entertaining) let me know and I'll help you look.

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