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Battle RP character information requirements Empty Battle RP character information requirements

Post by Rein on Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:28 pm

Below is a basic example layout of a character sheet for a battle RP character. The name and race are fairly standard, but you can create your own as long as you describe the race in detail. Remember not to leave anything out, just because you assume everyone things that demons have tails doesn't mean that your opponent or the Admin will think so too automatically.

Forms of that race mean that your character can change shape, add a piece to their body, or take a part away in some way shape or form. Whether that be through magic, incantation, coming into their true form, or combining like a robot, this needs to be described in detail also.

Weapons, Be sure that you include all weapons that your character can use efficiently, if it is not there, they are just picking up that type of weapon for the first time and will not be able to use it well.

Special Abilities of weapons, be sure that if you have a special weapon that you include all of the type of special abilities it has. If your sword is made of fire and it can leap out 20 feet in front of itself be sure to put that down. Otherwise when you try to do it in battle it will be a foul. In the case that that the characters weapon is self made, such as a pokemon, that still counts as a weapon. In Bulbasaur's case, his weapon is his body, his vines, his leaves, and his bulb. Include all the ways that he knows how to use all of those weapons. Vine whip, razor leaf, all of those are special abilities of his weapons and need to be clarified as such in this section of the battle RP profile.

Height, this is more important than you think, this means that if your are much taller than your opponent he cannot just shove a sword forward and hit your heart, he has to jump or be elevated somehow.

Weight, also more important than a lot of people think, this can determine how fast you move, if gravity is ever increased how heavy you are then, as well as the body shape of your character. There are exceptions like the pokemon Onyx weighs quite a bit but he is made of stone, this is expected, he can still move quickly when he wants to, just be sure to state that in your weight section so that there is no misunderstanding when a 12 ton monster moves faster than a car.

Forms of martial arts, if your character knows any martial art styles specifically make sure to list those here, as well as how well they know them. Use the standard systems that are already in place for the martial art. Such as, a novice at Karate would be a white belt, and a Master would be a black belt, and so on. You can use Google to find out the Skill level titles and names for the type of fighting style you are looking for and so can the Admin and others to find out what it is.

Forms of magic, make sure you include ALL ways that your character can use magic, or give a good enough explanation that anyone can understand how they use magic and what it's limitations are.

Forms of weapon arts, be sure to list if your character knows a specific fighting style that involves a specific weapon, same rules apply to this as martial arts, use the already standardized names and titles of rank for your skill level so that anyone can Google it and find out just how good that character is with it.



Characteristics of that race:
(Has a normal body type of a human)

Forms of of that race:
(Can become chibi sized and sprout wings through magic)

Special characteristics or special abilities of character:
(When character is submerged in water they sprout gills from their neck)

(Master Swordsman and dagger user)

Special abilities of weapons:
(Sword is covered in lightening when unsheathed and sends out bolts of lightening)


(239 pounds)

Forms of martial arts if any:
(Karate master)

Forms of magic arts if any:
(Knows magic that effects the wind and it's currents)

Forms of weapon arts if any:
(Secret family style named Ryuken, slashes down from above at a high speed that cuts the air as well as matter that is hit by the blade)


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