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Post by kittenxkawaii on Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:20 am

((Weeeell if we're postin past stories here than I got one!! ^-^ Its from Arcadian's pov, telling what happened the day they banished Avi.))

Father and mother stood there, expressionless, though their clothes were tattered and torn, and the castle was burning around them. The devil was here now, the battle over. We all just stood their stupidly, staring out at our kingdom of filth. They'd been to selfish, to greedy, the devil had said. And to keep our riches we had to make a sacrifice. Father was angry, and he fought him. Fought the devil, whoes armies were vast and strong. He lost more than his honor that day. He lost Avi. The kingdoms beloved princess. so small and delicate and graceful. so perfect. My little sister, who I swore i would protect. she had to be banished, because the mighty Dresdon family had to learn a lesson. It was fathers fault...he fancied himself the new satan, and mother supported him. More power, more money, more lust. Our army didn't stand a chance. We lost. We lost men, and honor. He stood before us, satan did, and offered a deal. Keep Avi, the angel princess among demons, or banish her, so that she'd never return to the castle, and keep our hell. Mother and father couldn't live without luxury...and sent Avi away. We watched as they branded her. Heavy hands held her tiny porclien wrists down, claws forced her thighs open, and satan placed a hand on her. she screamed as smoke rose up, a cry the whole kingdom heard and wept over. I didn't cry, though I was young, and at an age that it would have been acceptable. I kept my eyes locked on her. she was a child. Not even seven yet. Her eyes went red, she struggled to be released. They put a heavy chain and collar on her, and she fought. Biting and scratching. she was tiny, but vicious...not strong enough yet to take them on. satan pulled on the chain and she fell..scraping her knee, a wound the whole kingdom felt. she looked up at me, on final time. she was angry, and hurt. Betrayed by her parents, and i couldn't help her. I couldn't hold her and tell her that i'd protect her. I looked at her my vision blurred by tears, and she smiled at me. A real smile, as they dragged her away from her castle forever. Threw her crown on the ground, dishonored her, took everything from her. she smiled at me and mouthed "I love you." I blinked as they dissapeared in a hell fire.


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