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Post by Kat Miyazaki on Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:20 pm

(I didn't know if Side stories would be used for something like a character's past since it's not related to the current RP...but it is related to the character...sooo....yeeeeah. I took the chance. Anyway, this is Vince telling his story of loosing his wings.)

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Post by Kat Miyazaki on Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:25 pm

Is it a little silly if I cry at the sight of birds flying? Is it foolish to envy them for their gift of flight while I remain on the ground? Is it childish for me to feel the sorrow that makes my heart ache when I think of that night?
Here I am, looking out the window and envying the birds while I play my violin. I can feel my tears stream down my face as I think back to that night...the night my wings were stricken from me...


I remember it well, it was a clear night in fall. The full moon was out, and the trees rattled against the breeze of the night. The leaves on the streets swirls around in a game of tag with the aid of the chilled winds of autumn. I can recall admiring how those colors of red, brown, and yellow had chased each other like mere children in a play ground.
I was out fetching a few groceries since it was my turn see to tonight's dinner. I had been careful to conceal my wings from the public by using a few simple straps to hold them down while my shirt and jacket hid them safely away. One could say I looked like a normal young man just going out for food supplies.

I remember how I continued to stare at my surroundings, not taking notice of a group of men who were coming my way. It was a little too late that I noticed them till I bumped into one of them, accidentally sending him to the ground. I had apologized and tried to go about my way, till a member of the group had seized my shoulder and spun me around. He had opened his mouth to speak, and that was when I knew they were all drunk. The foul stench of whiskey and beer had hit my nose. He had spoken in such a harsh slurred tone, asking me who the hell was I to knock into one of his friends and send him to the ground, only to think I could simply walk away? I merely replied that I was only trying to get home.
I can recall the shiver that ran down my spine as the male smiled sinisterly. That was when I knew I was heading straight for trouble.

There must of been at least four or five people that night surrounding me. Though that doesn't matter all that much, only the fact that I can remember that I ended up getting in a fight. Lucky for me, I had learned a bit of self-defense. I had broken one guy's arm, kneed another in the head, and given one of them a black eye before sucker punching another's jaw. Though, my efforts to stand my ground were brought down when one of them had jumped me. The others seemed intrigue with the fact that I was now stuck in a head lock, and they assisted in dragging me into a warehouse.
The thing had to of been out of business since it's windows were boarded up along with the entrance with a 'no trespassing' sign on it. Typical that those men would not heed the sign and choose to break in anyway.
The air was thick with dust along with the smell of rats. I couldn't see much of the place, only that there were a few abandoned tools here-and-there, tables, and rotting chairs that seemed to house a few termites maybe. Though, my attention was soon caught as I felt the chill of cold clean steel of a knife slashing at what they thought was my back...but was really my wings...

Sure...the 'bones' on my wings were made of metal, but the flesh surrounding it was real. I turned around to face the one who had been so bold as to take a cheap shot at me, only to see the look of slight shock on his face. I had wondered why he had been so shocked, though my gaze met the floor and saw a few feathers; black and white. I panicked internally as one of them has seized me and another had ripped my shirt off, revealing my strapped down wings; one white and one black.

The look on their faces chilled me to the bone and I struggled more as another took hold of me and the fourth undid the straps; now setting my wings free. I flapped them as hard as I could but my actions were soon halted when they teamed up to pin me to the ground and hold one of them down. It was then that I heard the sound of a hardware tool and then foot steps coming towards me. The sound got louder and louder as the footsteps came closer. My heart raced, practically slamming against my chest as I looked over my shoulder.
It was then I had seen a devilish smile...and a hacksaw, now reflecting my terrified gazed.

I remember screaming, begging, pleading for them to spare my wings....but my cries were only met with the unbearable pain of my flesh being torn and cut trough. I couldn't tell you how much I was pleading and begging for God's help. Wishing that something would happen to either put me out of my misery or make them stop. Alas, no one is that lucky.
My back felt soaked with warm liquid, which I knew had to be my blood that I was loosing so quickly. The hacksaw soon cut through the thin metal which had served as the 'bone' and my black wing was gone. I must of cried so hard that night as I screamed and pleaded for help as the now grabbed the other one.

Then, I felt the tool again, this time on the other. I had cried out at the pain again and again, more sobs and begs coming from me as I struggled. I couldn't believe this was happening. Even through all of my screaming and begging, they laughed at my pathetic attempts to get them to stop. All in vain, as the final one, the white wing, was now gone. Just when I had thought it was all wasn't...

I had lost so much blood by now, I was far too weak and light headed to even move...and they took advantage of that. I recall the feel of harsh kicks and punches being delivered...but they didn't hurt as much any more. I didn't really care about what they did about me. Sure...the spit on me, kicked me, punched me, stabbed me, I think one urinated on me...but none of that could hurt me as much as the fact that I had lost what I had loved most. I stared at my wings once they were done and then watched as they left with them...leaving me to probably die of blood loss.

I couldn't move nor speak. I could only cry and mentally ask why had I not been saved? I cried, and cried for a good while till world went black...

The next day, I had awoke in our home infirmary at our 'HQ' with Neo next to me...I had been cleaned, bandaged, and mentally destroyed. Never again would I fly, huh?
Then...I started to cry...

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