Arcadian and Avi go poof!!

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Arcadian and Avi go poof!! Empty Arcadian and Avi go poof!!

Post by kittenxkawaii on Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:10 am

It was cold in the room, and Avi shivered a little. she snuggled closer to Blaze, nuzzling his chest. He was cute when he slept. A grin crept across her lips. He was wonderful....amazing. she ran her fingers softly through his hair, studying the shadows on his face. He's perfect.... she looked over at Arcadian, asleep with Kitten in his arms. It was nice..everything was so...perfect. Was she dreaming? she blinked, looking up at the ceiling. The room was impressive...she imagined it would be what her room looked like..well, would look like if she was still a real princess. The smoke coming from the ceiling was a nice touch too....."Wait....what?" she squinted watching it curl around and start to disolve down into the darkness.

Arcadian's eyes shot open. He knew that smoke...though he'd only seen it a couple times. It was from that girl. He shut his eyes again, holding Kitten closer, breathing in her scent. He looked over at Avi, watching the panic flood her face as she began to fade. sighing he looked at himself, fading away as well. He kissed Kitten on the forehead lightly before he dissapeared completely.
Avi screamed into the swirling darkness she was now being pulled through. Chains wrapped around her body, tightening around her legs and arms. she choked out, calling for Blaze even though it was impossible for him to hear her. Her summon mark burned a dark red, as if it had just been branded onto her thigh. she clawed around her, twisting and snarling, hissing at the insane amount of pain that radiated off the mark.
Arcadian shut his eyes, wishing that he could help her pain. sure..being summoned hurt, but her summon mark made it much more unpleasant. The chains were tight around him, constricting...making sure he got to where ever he was being summoned too. It seemed the girl had gotten alot better at summoning the two demons...that girl with the weird name...what was it again?
Avi hit the floor, coughing up quite a good amount of blood, shaking weakly in the chains that still held her rather tightly. Her summon mark glew red around her, like the dying embers in a fire. she growled, twisting around to find her. That girl that hid her face with a mask. she hated her. Avi growled. "What the fuck do you want!?!?" she spat out, struggling against the chains.
Arcadian came up from his own summon mark on the floor, his chains fading away as soon as he stood at full height. He walked over to Avi, taking the chains off.
"Keep them on." a voice rang out from behind them. The girl walked around to be infront of them, bare feet with striped legwarmers making no sound against the floor as she walked. Her cat mask was on like normal, covering her face. "Last time she tried to rip my clothes off."
"I'll rip more than just your clothes off you stupid bi-" Avi started to growl, before Arcadian slapped his hand over her mouth.
"How may we be of service to you this time...Miss. Noodle?" Arcadian asked, putting on the charm. He knew he frightened her...and he always took advantage of that.
Noodle tapped her foot. "You know what I need to know....Is he there? Are they both there?" she asked, walking closer making sure not to look either of them in the eye.
Avi rolled over, looking up at noodle. "Yea..they are...can we go now?"
Noodle looked at Arcadian, not trusting the small succubus in chains on her floor.
"2D and Murdoc, the ones you lost after the....accident...they're there." he stated clearly, looking directly into the dark eyes of the cat mask.
she inhaled sharply, getting caught off gaurd by the incubus. "Thankyou...both of you." she said, hugging the black magic spell book close to her chest. It was Murdocs. It was a creepy thing...but thanks to it she had found them. "I'll see you there." she said happily, holding her hand over the both of them. The summons marks on the floor glew again, and they both started to fade away.
Arcadian grinned, waving slightly before he dissapeared back to the mansion again. Going back was much better than the trip there.
Avi took a swipe at Noodle, laughing darkly as she dissapeared with Arcadian. "Next time...." her voice echoed in Noodles now empty room.
Noodle jumped, shivering at the echo. Murdoc was into creepy shit....But she'd finally found him, and 2D. she smiled, grabbing her bags and quickly stuffing them full of everything she could grab.


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