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World Regenesis Organization [WRO] Empty World Regenesis Organization [WRO]

Post by Kristin Tuesti on Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:42 pm

The WRO was founded by former Shinra Employee Reeve Tuesti. As its name suggests, the WRO was created to restore the world after the damage caused by Shinra. They form a transitional government to keep stability, along with a volunteer army to help protect against any threats to the Planet. They work to find a replacement for Mako as an energy source, a division apparently headed by Barret Wallace. They were also the ones who relocated the former residents of Midgar to the new city of Edge, and helped to construct it from materials of Midgar and the Shinra Building [Which in the RP Shinra has been rebuilt].

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The WRO Headquarters is situated on a rather vast expanse of land. From one side, a small clearing at the top of a cliff serves as a point of defense from both ground and aerial assault, equipped with a mounted turret with a seat. The area surrounded the main building is a virtual maze of courtyards, storage, underground tunnels, and catwalks.
The main headquarters itself is a rather large building. Several-floored with a large atrium in the center, it houses all of the WRO's scientific research and facilities, as well as serving as a base of operations for the heads of the military and for the executive minds such as Reeve Tuesti. Here as well can be considered a veritable labyrinth of hallways and closed doors.

Somewhere in this base, the entire WRO military force, including a good number of armed ground vehicles and airships, is housed and maintained.
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