I'm just going to leave this here...

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I'm just going to leave this here... Empty I'm just going to leave this here...

Post by Kristin Tuesti on Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:47 pm

This technically didn't happen but...possibly it can be used for reference in the future.
So I'm going to leave this here for yours and my entertainment.
And I just love to embarrass the hell out of my favorite Commissioner.
White Heart

For those of you who missed it, this happened in the Chatbox thingy-ma-jig.
There was more but the archives only hold so much.
Thank Jenova that I salvaged the good parts.


Abel: He gasped and trembled when the other had tugged on his lip. The scientist felt as if Reeve had ben stretched out anough, now pulling his digets out the other. "I don't think you're even ready for this, Reeve."

Reeve: "Try me." He purred. Reeve was hot with need, his body aching for it.

Abel: Another smirk dance on his lips as he began to ease himself into the other. There was a shutter on his part, but never the less, he continued. Lips nipped at the other's neck.

Reeve: Brown eyes slid closed, feeling Abel beginning to enter. He groaned and rolled his hips down against the length, taking it in further. It was obvious he wanted Abel badly.

Abel: He couldn';t help it. He couldn't help the smile that just came from him, seeing about much the other wanted him badly. Once his own length was 'snugg' inside the other, he nuzzled his boss. "You wanted this, huh? How badly?"

Reeve: "Mmm.." He returned the nuzzle, taking a short moment for his body to adjust. "How badly? You have no idea." He purred, teasingly thrusting against the other's hips.

Abel: A small jump came from him at the unexpected thrust from the other, but he didn't back down. Oh no. He pushed up against the other. "Call me 'Master'." The other smirked

Reeve: The bottom moaned. "Make me~." He gave a gutsy smirk.

Abel: Hand lightly ran themselves throught he other's locks before roughly grabbing them...hard. "Call me 'Master'." The man pushed himself in a bit more.

Reeve: Reeve spat out a startled groan, back arching. "Y-yes, Master." Such an unusual rush came over him. And boy, it felt so good.

Abel: Oh lord. He felt such a rush come over him. He loved it as well. Just Reeve calling him that was amazing. Abel eased himself back and thrusted into the other.

Reeve: He moaned, shifting his hips against. Reeve purred, loving the pleasure.

Abel: Purred at the pleasure. But he wanted a kick out of it. A thrill. "Call me that. And only that."

Reeve: "Yes, Master." Oh man, his head felt so..odd. Numb but felt like everything was spinning...in a good way if possible.

Abel: Abel shudder at the other's words. Steadly, he began to pull in and out the other to break him in first. All the while, thinking of how good it felt.

Reeve: He couldn't help it. Reeve was probably enjoying this way too much, the pre-cum dripping from the man's throbbing length was a clear sign.

Abel: Blue eyes slid closed as he picked up the pace a bit, making sure hiw abdomen aread was rubbing with other's length to give him more pleasure. His head felt as if it were spinng out of control. The man gripped onto the other's locks a bit harder as a wave of pleasure mad him tremble.

Reeve: A moan forced it's way past the sub's lips. "Oh Master!" He shuddered. "Harder~." Reeve pleaded. His bound hands gripping the object they were tied to.

Abel: How much more could the man please him? Reeve as practically beging for it, and Abel gave in to his request. Thusting himself harder into the other. A moan forced it's way out of his throat. "Ngh!"

Reeve: He began to pant, a louder moan coming from him. He pulled against the restraints. Still no fair. Reeve wanted to wrap his arms around his 'Master' as they fucked, but being tied up is still fun.

Abel: Not only did the depth increase, but so did the speed. Abel was panting and gritting his teath from the pleasure that was coarsing through his body. His lower abdoment area still stroking the other's length.

Reeve: Reeve tensed a little around the member within him. Seems like Abel had found a spot. His panting increased, getting a tad more noisy. "M-master..yes.." The bottom purred deeply. "Oh Master.." He thrusted back in time with the other.

Abel: The tensing was enoigh to make Abel spill his seed then and there, but he managed to keep that from happening. Reeve's words and sounds rang out through his head. Teeth made contact with the other's neck and bit down hard. His body now sweating as he moves hit length against the spot as fast and as hard as he could. A groan came frim Abel.

Reeve: His body trembled with pleasure. If he didn't know any better, they were fucking through an earthquake. He moaned loudly. "Master, Master...Master.." Reeve breathed out the word through his panting. "Master I....I'm close....I'm gonna.." The man's toes curled as he raced towards his impending climax. Now hot and sweat, he wasn't sure if he could take much more yet at the same time he wanted this to keep going.

Abel: Coem to think of it, Abel was nearing his as well. Though what made him push closer was Reeve calling him that one word. It was so, arousing. So amazing. Abel drew out every last bit of his energy and pumped everything up to maximum. Wow, Abel had quite a bit off 'oof' in him. Not bad for a man of 44. Abel's teeth released the other's neck before releasing a moan. He was so very close.

Reeve: His breath hitched. Reeve cried out in shier pleasure, practically screaming. "MASTER!" The Commissioner was spartan-kicked over the edge, his whole body tensed. The brunet blew a load like a guiser, thick, long spurts. It was nearly endless. All the while the ring of muscle spazzumed around Abel's hardened shaft.

Abel: A few mosre thrusts after the other and he was down. He released quite a bit but not as much a Reeve. Damn! Abel's body tensed beofre falling limp on the other. Although he was already a mess in his own sweat, layignaround Reeve while his stomach was nearly covered in 'love joice'. Talk about messy. Abel panted, trying to catch his breath. Using what little strength he had, he pulled himself out of the ohter and laid beside him after untieing the other. "Good, Slave." He whispered that line faintly. Only for the two of them to here. "Goood boy, Reeve." Abel was exhasted, body twitching from'work' overload.

Reeve: His body became limp, the praise topping him off, now spilt dry. He had to force himself to cuddle next to Abel. Reeve purred heavily. The praise still ringing in his ears. "Thank you, Master." He breathed, catching his breath. The man couldn't remember the last time he felt this good. His tired body nuzzling the dom's neck. He too was twitching. My goodness. Brown eyes spotting the mess, nearly tempted to 'clean' it up.

Abel: The man shivered. He always had this thing when he would get cold after. He snagged a random blanket it and tossed it over the two now using their shirts like folder up pillows. Abel mst of been the first to collapse. Poor guy gave every bit of energy to get Reeve to feel that good. By now, it was impossible to wake him. Abel smiled contently and continued to sleep. Now waiting for his strength to recover.

Reeve: Good think he overheats after sex. Reeve snuggled closer to Abel, nuzzling his head into the crook of his neck. He loved this spot. The brunet smiled, drifting off to a blissful sleep. His mind numbed by pleasure and submissiveness, but most importantly he felt safe and loved.
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