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Post by Night Zalkova on Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:04 pm

The pair were peacefully sleeping in their room, the woman with lilac hair had her arm protectively wrapped around the others waist as they slept. Slowly the brunette woke up to be greet to the sight of her mistress's face, a small smile crossed her lips and she snuggled into the woman more but tried not to wake her. As if to spite her lilac eyes slowly opened looking at her. “Good morning, Ami...” the brown haired fallen said at the sleepy woman who still held her.

A tired smile came to the shifter's face as she began to wake up, “Such a lovely sight to have in the morning.... my fallen angel...” she said nuzzling the girl neck, “I have something fun planned for us today so get dressed.” Reluctantly she let the fallen go so she could dress before following suit.

Cathetel was having a hard time to decide of what to wear. She stood in her underwear with her finger to her lips thinking before turning to her mistress that was already dressed in a corset top and thigh length skirt with knee high leather boots. “Ami I can't think of what to wear... You choose.” she said with a small smile knowing her mistress would enjoy picking out an outfit for her.

The shifter made her way over and looked through Cathetel's clothes pulling out a gray school uniform with jacket and handed to the fallen, “I think you will look cute in this,” she said before sitting down and waiting for her slave to dress herself.

After getting dressed and a quick breakfast the pair loaded overnight bags into the trunk of Aminta's black Ferrari before getting in and driving out of the manor's property. “Where are you going Ami?” the fallen girl asked looking over from where she sat. “It is a surprise my little angel so just sit back and wait.” the woman replied with a sly grin as she drove.

After a hour or two of driving the pair arrived in a city and pulled in front of a hotel as the shifter looked over, “This is where we will be staying tonight,” she said shutting the car off leaning over to the other side of the car stealing a quick kiss from the unexpecting angel before getting out and heading to the front desk to check in and make sure everything was in order for later.
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