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Avi is a succubus and lives up to all the expectations. She will flirt with anything and anyone. Years of service as a slave has caused her to snap a little, and now she embraces her insanity. She's made friends with the voice in her head and very often talks to herself. She's loves to be the center of attention. She loves seeing people's reactions and catching them off gaurd. She has an extreme costume fetish and is always seen wearing one. Parts of Avi's memories have been erased from the slave traders, but thanks to her brother Arcadian, it was revealed she was a princess in the royal family of sex demons who the Devil banished in response to her parents mistakes. Avi can fade into shadows, and make clones of herself. She can manipulate shadows while fighting, and if angry enough can "haunt" or "posess" a room. She also has a "full demon" form, complete with horns and fully black eyes, though she rarely takes it as the form takes up alot of energy. Being a Succubus she takes energy from those around her, be it a hug, a kiss, sex or even the person's soul. Blood is often frowned upon but she does drink it when theres no one to feed off of. Her height is a little below average, and she looks to be in her early 20's though her real age is unknown. Her most striking feature is her glowing blue eyes, which have been known to lure people in if they look at them too long. Some demons have been able to avoid the effects of them, but others find themselves being overcome with lust for her. It's smart to avoid kissing her if possible. The side effects of succubus saliva cause you to become obsessed and overcome with hunger for more..for an hour or two. Avi is a slave, but due to soft masters and long periods of being unowned she's become a harder to control sub. She has a intricate summons mark on the inside of her left thigh, that only the devil himself can remove. The fact that she can take intense pain and turn it to pleasure has made her unafraid of being punished, and she may very well laugh at you if you try to scare her. She only listens if she wants too. Though, if you bribe Arcadian he might tell you a way to get her to submit.
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The crown prince of the sex demons, and Avi's brother. Arcadian gives of a regal aura and is very well mannered most of the time. Arcadian likes playing mind games, so it's best not to show any weaknesses around him, as he will exploit them. He is a Doctor, and has a love of blood and gore. He has a love of fine men's wear as well. He is flirty, dramatic and attention seeking like his sister, though unlike her he is very needy. Being a prince he has become dependent on servants and slaves to do things for him. Even more so because he's a little lazy. Arcadian adores his sister, and the two are known to lure unsuspecting people in to feed off of. His eyes have the same effect as Avi's though his are red. Arcadian is 5'9'', but gets a little bigger when he takes on his true form. In his true form he aquires two large spiraled horns, longer hair, sharper teeth, pitch black eyes and sharp black claws. His powers are very similar to Avi's though he is noticably much more powerful. (Partly thanks to the summons mark that puts a limit on Avi's powers). Arcadian smiles and laughs at the wrong times, and hates taking orders from anyone. He feels he's entitled to alot, and is a little selfish. Arcadian is a master...and rather sadistic.
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The tiny Japanese ax princess of the Gorillaz. Noodle always seems calm cool and collected, except in the presence of Murdoc. She has a pretty heavy Japanese accent, though she speaks english perfectally. She's polite and softspoken and a little shy, though her "rockstar" side comes out when she drinks too much. She's very protective of her band mates, especially 2-D who she thinks of as a brother. A large chunk of her memory is gone, partly due to the cyborg that Murdoc ordered to kill her, and partly due to the mysterious trigger words she keeps safetly gaurded in a sealed unmarked envelope in the right cup of her bra. Noodle seems to have a strange magic that presents itself in the form of bright yellow sparks and wind, though she has no idea how to control it and it only appears when she's in danger. It tends to keep her safe, rather than harming the other person. Noodle is a weapons expert, and ninja. When threatened, sometimes she snaps and goes into a intense fighting mode, pulling knives and guns out of nowhere, and is able to hold her own against opponents for quite a while, partly due to the fact she's tiny and quick. She loves candy and videogames, cute things and teasing Murdoc.
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Facts I didn't fit into the bios >3<
(If I think of more i'll put them here)

-Avi knows ballet
-Avi is known to mimic people voices

-Noodle's bra and panties ALWAYS match
-Noodle's finger tips are calloused and scarred from playing guitar so much
-Noodle is afraid of thunderstorms and zombies

-Arcadian chain smokes and drinks atleast a whole pot of coffee a day
-Arcadian has a thing for cat girls, though he strongly denies he does
-Arcadian has a harem, though they're not always at the manor


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