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Site Rules and Regulations Empty Site Rules and Regulations

Post by Emerald on Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:55 pm

This site is used for the purpose of Role Playing and chatting among members. The main RP theme of this site is Alternative Lifestyle. Do to the content of this site, we ask that all members be at least 18+ years of age, with few exceptions (previous members who are already part of the original RP thread on

This site is strictly invite only. If I have not met you previously, or you are not invited by another member, I apologize but you cannot join. Feel free to email me at if you would like to speak with me about the site or about joining.

Because this is a free site, content in the roleplay as well as in chat related to sex, violence, killing, gore, ect. is allowed. However, pictures and videos of mature content are not. Any pictures depicting sex, nudity, or extreme fetishes involving either will be removed. If you are unsure if the picture is safe in content, feel free to PM the Admin (Emerald) with a link to the picture before posting it, and you will be informed if you can post it or not.

Spamming and off-site advertising is prohibited. If you are spamming or advertising, and are not active on the forum otherwise, you will be banned. If you are doing it, but are an active member, you will receive a warning PM. If you continue the behavior, you will be banned.

Do not ask other members for their personal information. If someone asks you for any information you do not want to give out, and you have told them already that you will not share that information, please report it to a mod or the Admin to deal with it accordingly.
Personal information includes but is not limited to:
-Real Name
-Phone Number
-Any contact information you are not willing to give out
-Personal financial information
-Personal record information (Social Security Number, ect.)

There are three (count them, three) Manor threads on this site. The first one, Liberte, is run by Night Zalkova. The second one, 'The Manor', is the original role play, which is a soft BDSM role play. The last one, Bound, is for more real life and hardcore BDSM. This is so that everyone can role play how and where they want without getting in each other's way, or being forced to role play at a level you're not comfortable with. (more information about the Manors can be found in their respective forum areas)

These Rules are subject to change as deemed necessary.

Posting Rules:

-No chat speak will be permitting in the role play. This is a literary rp, meaning you must have full sentences in your responses. Any less then 2 sentences per post in the role play will be frowned upon.

-Try not to spam the role play threads with chat. We have a chatterbox section for that.

-When roleplaying, we'd appreciate it if your reply is in third person.

-Try not to have one character split in three different places. The site is supposed to represent one reality. The exception to this rule is 1x1 rps.


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