Announcement 9/10/2012 (required post formats)

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Announcement 9/10/2012 (required post formats) Empty Announcement 9/10/2012 (required post formats)

Post by Emerald on Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:09 pm

Hey guys, I hate to be the pain in the ass admin, but I would like to keep the RP a little more organized.
So, in order to do that, I ask that everyone make a post format, not something hugely elaborate, just somewhere in your posts, have a link to your character's profile for the character your posting for.
For example, if I was to post for Kitten, down at the bottom of the post I'd just leave a link to Kitten's profile.
Why are we doing this?
This place is...dusty and inactive, and I'd like to (hopefully) bring in some new faces (with a lot of luck and a heavy miracle). We all know the characters for the most part, but someone who just came wouldn't know our characters so well. Also, there's a couple of us pulling new characters into the RP, and it would be nice to have a quick link to their profile.
This change does not have to happen immediately (I don't even have my character profiles posts for fucks sake ><; ), but sometime in the near future I would appreciate if you all would do this for me.
If you want to make big elaborate post styles for your characters, the creativity is welcome. Be sure to go to the 'Test Threads' section of the forum for help with colors, symbols, and what not.

Also, if you have noticed, I started new threads in both the Bound and the Manor sections for the RP, so that we can all reintegrate back to the site comfortably. I will be making small edits and changes here and there for a while (mostly posting information as well as organizing), but the forum is up-to-date enough so that anyone can feel free to pop in and start posting again.

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