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Post by kittenxkawaii on Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:30 pm

Arcadian sighed as he finally reached his room, kicking open the door and falling on the bed. He'd been working non-stop for a couple weeks...prince work was hard.
Avi followed close behind, shutting the door behind her. Arcadian's phone vibrated and she pounced on it, landing on top of him.
Arcadian groaned, but made no effort to move. "What did she say?"
Avi grinned. "Says "its not there."she said, in a pretty spot on Noodle accent.
Arcadian scoffed, "what's she mean? I put it in her room!" he groaned, making her luggage appear magically into her room earlier while he was still outside, along with his and Avi's stuff.
"I am at Bound" she repeated in the same accent.
Arcadian looked up at Avi over his shoulder, both the demon siblings grinned at the thought. "Oh." Arcadian opened the drawer in the nightstand next to his bed, rifling through it for the key for a room he had there.


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The Manor (RP Thread) - Page 3 Empty Re: The Manor (RP Thread)

Post by Serenity Achkey on Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:53 pm

Serenity Achkey....


"That'll be nice, a break from moon cycles.." She thought aloud as Anthony rambled on about the Johns and who was now owning the manors and what not. She nodded her head slowly. It seemed logical that Japser wouldn't be in charge anymore. But Tattoo was now, not exactly sure who he was she just shrugged the concept off a bit and smiled. She laughed at the comment for the monthly allowance. She was sure the Johns wouldn't let anyone have that sort of issue. She sighed lightly while watching him as he took out his gizmo. With in seconds her's was going off. Pulling it out of her pocket she flipped it open and smiled. "Oh thank you Anthony." She stood up for a moment and laughed again. "Lets hope that is all she gets from her father." She shook her head and began dialing the doctors number. Before pressing the call button she thanked Anthony again and let the phone call the doctor, putting it up to her ear.


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